Established in 2009, Supply Shield continues to add new clients through superior customer service and competitive pricing. In order to provide even more peace of mind for clients, Supply Shield has recently worked hard to achieve one of the most important credentials available.

ISO 9001:2008Supply Shield is now fully certified through ISO (International Organization for Standardization) as a 9001:2008 and AS9120 distributor of electronic components, hardware, electromechanical parts and raw materials. The ISO certification demonstrates that Supply Shield products and services meet stringent client expectations and that the Supply Shield management team and employees truly care about not only the success of their business but, more importantly, that of the customer.

AS 9120 LogoThe ISO International Standards ensure that Supply Shield products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality. While offering peace of mind, this step directly helps the customer by reducing costs, and minimizing waste and errors. The money and time saved allow for increased productivity. Being ISO 9001:2008 & AS9120 certified will help Supply Shield access new markets while continuing to bring improved services to our existing customers.

Every day, Supply Shield’s employees strive to improve the business in order to offer their customers a better experience through superior customer service. Having been awarded with ISO 9001:2008 and AS9120 certifications is proof of that dedication to the client.

“At Supply Shield, we want to do things right,” says Grant Crane, “We are so proud of our employees and our company. Becoming ISO 9001:2008 certified really shows how dedicated everyone on the team is to improving our business and making certain our customers are taken care of.”

Supply Shield employees, as well as the management team, will continue to expand upon these certifications while maintaining the highest level of commitment to ISO 9001:2008 and AS9120. Through daily management and continued education of ISO standards, the company will continue to improve their practices to further save customers time and money while ensuring a superior product upon delivery.

“Supply Shield set out to be the best independent distributor of electronic components and parts,” explains Kedrick Poole, “…and by following strict business standards and ethics we will continue to exceed our customer’s expectations.”